In some way or another human beings are inextricably linked…we’re all connected.  LL Decker & Associates, Inc. focuses on human beings... and by affiliation... communities.  Whether we’re engaged in enterprise planning, construction project partnering, public policy development, leadership coaching, or community planning, we never forget that everything we do is about people and the collective relationships in which they engage. 

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Understanding how those connections are accomplished within your organization comes first.  We need to know your challenges...your responsibilities...your mission. Only after we know and understand your group can we start the research necessary to know and understand the communities and stakeholders that constitute your business environment.

To support your enterprise, we provide consulting services.  To learn more, click on the link to Consulting Services.

To build the capacity of your staff and key stakeholders, we provide training.  To learn more, click on the link to Training Services.

To educate and inform people about community conflict, community-based research, and managing the public engagement process, we provide speaking services.  To learn more, click on the link to Speaking Services.

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